Tarot - The Witches Wisdom

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Two Witches, an American Wiccan High Priestess and an English Hedgewitch, spent a year journeying into other realms together.  

The wisdom they received led them to create a radical new interpertation of the Tarot for these times.

Unlike traditional Tarots which guide the seeker to enlightenment by leaving the Earth behind, they were shown a Tarot for the Earth offering a profound and magical journey in the world, into your life.

The Witches' Wisdom Tarot card deck by Phyllis Curott is a 78 card interpretation of the traditional tarot with an informative and thoughfully explained guidebook including information on card spreads.

Through beautiful illustrations each card blends the enchantment of nature with contemporary Witchcraft, providing spiritual guidance and profound wisdom to awaken the witch within.

Beautifully presented in a matching box and illustrated by Danielle Barlow.