Intense Hydration Night Cream - 20ml & 50ml

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An intense anti-ageing night cream made with a blend of the highest quality ingredients.  Nourishing and rich, this cream is suitable for all skin types.  The Intense Hydration Night Cream helps combat all 5 signs of ageing; wrinkles,loss of elasticity, dryness, uneven skin tone and dullness.  The ingredients ensure The Intense Hydration Night Cream firms, lifts and hydrates, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple

Available in 20ml or 50ml format

  • Hyaluronic Acid - One of the best anti-ageing ingredients on the market, hyaluronic acid is capable of holding 1000 times its own weight in water, therefore delivering intense moisture to the skin.  It is naturally occurring in the skin but depletes over time making the skin dry and dehydrated.  By giving the skin a boost of hyaluronic acid it becomes smoother, plumper and intensely hydrated
  • Plan-derived collagen - A nourishing high-grade ingredient that plumps, firms and hydrates the skin leaving it feeling soft, supple and firm
  • Beeswax - Known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, beeswax can help to balance the skin and reduce areas of redness and irritability
  • Aloe Vera - One of the most common ingredients used in skincare because of its healing properties.  It will hydrate, heal and calm the skin leaving it feeling soft and supple
  • Hydrolysed Silk Protein - Has moisture-binding properties that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth with a beautiful glow
  • Coral Seaweed - Rich in amino acids, calcium and magnesium, coral seaweed will re-invigorate your skin.  Helping rebuild damaged skin amino acids will re-texture and firm while calcium and magnesium will brighten and soften
  • Orange Oil - Helps increase the ability to absorb vitamin C and promotes collagen production.  Fights off signs of ageing, tired skin and dark spots

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