Halloween Tealight Gift Set

Halloween Tealight Gift Set

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These Halloween tea lights are available in a set of 12. They have themed scents and spooky colours. Tea lights are in recyclable polycarbonate tea light cups which burn for 4 hours.

All sets are mixed and you will receive at least one of each scent in a set. The set is wrapped in black/orange tissue and presented in a beautiful black gift box.

Scents available:

Pumpkin spice - Top notes of warm sweet orange, layered on ginger with a light floral feel. Middle notes of vanilla, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg highlighting the complex undertones of the woody base notes, give you that autumnal feel, perfect for a chilly evening. Finished with orange petals and cinnamon stick.

Roasted Marshmallow - the yummy sweet smell of marshmallows roasting over a campfire! Finished with strawflower petals and cinnamon.

Ghostly walk - This scent is terrifyingly good. It's guaranteed to be spellbinding, memorable, and most of all, spine-tingling! This ghostly encounter is a surreal union of floral, sweet and spicy notes. Finished with biodegradable glitter.

Trick or Treat - This delicately fragranced oil is perfect for all ages. It superbly recreates the joy of trick or treating with sweet, fruity notes and a gentle cinnamon twist. Finished with dried rose petals.

Jack o' lantern - The name Jack-O-Lantern comes from the phenomenon of a strange light flickering over peat bogs. Inhaling this sweet, warm and musky scent will be a flashback of the joy experienced when lighting your first Jack-O-Lantern. Styled on a pumpkin!

Witches' brew - This potent and magical concoction is a beautiful blend of earthy, sweet and floral notes. It's finished with lavender and thyme.