Gemstone Chip Stretch Bracelet - White Agate

Gemstone Chip Stretch Bracelet - White Agate

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The irregular chips beads bracelets are made of crystal stones, which is safe and non-toxic, suitable for long-term wearing. Wearing them can not only decorate your wrists but also bring energy healing effects.

White Agate is a fantastic stone for balance and can bring the masculine and feminine sides of your personality together - your yin & yang

Closely linked to the crown chakra it is a stone of intuition and for lightening the mind relieving anxiety, stress and worries.

CHAKRA:  Crown

ELEMENT: Earth, Water

HEALING PROPERTIES: A stone of balance and release.  Improves the analytical frames of the mind and release traumas to promote courage and trust.  Helps with feelings of bitterness, anxiety and frustration.  It has a purifying effect on both a physical and emotional level

A stunning bracelet, its contemporary and modern design make it perfect and versatile to be worn on any occasion.

Natural stones might vary slightly in colour and inclusions, making every piece truly unique.