Crystals - Polished Tumble Stones - Smokey Quartz

Crystals - Polished Tumble Stones - Smokey Quartz

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Smokey Quartz has a brownish hue to its colour. Part of the Quartz family of crystals, this variety is best known for its grounding ability as well as its ability to raise vibrations during meditation.

It is also said to reduce the effect of sunburn, radiation, muscle cramps, headaches and back & shoulder tension.

Smokey Quartz is linked to the root chakra and is best used for metaphysical healing on the abdomen, hips, and legs. 

To the ancient Druids, it was sacred and signified the potent dark power of Earth gods and goddesses and was said to guide souls to the afterlife

Each stone is approximately 15g in weight. 

Size and shape may vary from the picture shown.