Crystal Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant - Amethyst

Crystal Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant - Amethyst

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Crystal Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant, 3cm.

A perfect pendant will make your meditation area calm, spiritual, allowing you to meditate more energetically.

CHAKRAS - Third Eye, Crown


HEALING PROPERTIES - A protective stone that guards one from negative energy and psychic attacks. Accelerates the development of psychic abilities and intuition. Effective in overcoming addictions and compulsive behaviours, bringing self-awareness and healing. Amethyst is a powerful ally, capable of providing deep physical and emotional healing effects. Its spiritual properties also make it an invaluable source of strength and clarity.

AFFIRMATION - I trust my intuition and allow it to guide me each day

Crystals formed into the shapes of a heart help to activate the Heart Chakra and emanate good vibrations. The 4th chakra meanings relate to the feelings of compassion, peace and unconditional love.

These assorted heart-shaped healing gemstones have varied healing functions, which can make you relaxed, bring peace and harmony, allow energy to flow through the heart, keep your thoughts positive to overcome difficulties and bring confidence.