Crystal Palm Stone - Peach Moonstone

Crystal Palm Stone - Peach Moonstone

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CHAKRA: Heart, Crown, Solar Plexus

ELEMENTS: Wind, Water

Healing properties: Helps connect with Divine Feminine energies, and promotes fertility and self-love.  Recommended to be worn by anyone who is experiencing major life changes. Acts as a wonderful emotional support for intuitive and sensitive children as can help calm and control overwhelming feelings and emotions.

Affirmation: "I am open and accepting of change in my life."

Thought to help with female health concerns such pregnancy, labour, menstruation, fluid retention and hormonal imbalances.  Additionally, concerning health, has been used to boost immune system, digestive issues and complaints of the skin and eyes.

Helps to turn passions and ideas and dreams into realities 

Palm stones are a great way to access the energy of a particular crystal and they are ideal for crystal healing. The physical act of massaging a crystal for several minutes is proven to provide therapeutic and psychological benefits that help soothe your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, help you feel grounded and help you clear your mind so you can focus and think clearly.

MULTIFUNCTION - It is used for positive energy, chakra balancing, crystal healing, meditation, crystal therapy, protection, fashion, etc.

MEDITATION - Hold on to your palm stone whilst in a meditative state and set your intentions with your palm stone of choice.

Approx 5-7cm

UNIQUE & HAND CARVED - Each crystal is unique and may slightly vary in size, colour, texture and shape.