Crystal Obelisk Tower - Flower Agate

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Crystal Obelisk Tower - a symbol of royalty, honour, spirit, wisdom, truth, enlightenment and vision.

This natural gemstone healing crystal wand is used for healing, energy balancing and aura cleansing.


CHAKRA:  Root, Heart


SPIRITUAL PROPERTIES:  A very grounding stone that bridges the gap between emotions and reality.  Takes your thoughts and ideas from seed to blossom to reach your fullest potential.

A great stone for those taking on new challenges or business pursuits to help achieve your dreams and live the best version of you.

Protects from negative energies such as stress, fear and anxiety.  Enhances the energies in the surroundings and balances the external influences.


This gemstone wand will absorb the energy of the environment where it is placed or from the person who handles it.

Perfect decor for those who love to collect gemstones.

Crystal point wand for decoration, spiritual growth and chakras balancing.

Approx 10cm.