Crystal Double Point Pendant - Sodalite

Crystal Double Point Pendant - Sodalite

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Double Point Pencil Pendant, 25-30mm, is perfect for positive energy and peace of mind.

Made of gemstone and the chain is made of alloy — durable and reliable material, friendly and safe to your skin.

A perfect pendant will make your meditation area calm, spiritual, allowing you to meditate more energetically.

CHAKRA:  Third Eye


HEALING PROPERTIES:  Eases symptoms of anxiety and depression and promotes emotional balance.  Boosts self-esteem, enhances creativity and restores confidence in your abilities.  Place in a group setting, such as an office, to promote harmony, cooperation and teamwork.  Helps us to be true to ourselves in our spiritual path and awaken our intuition

We offer different options of gemstones, choose one according to your mood and dressing style, good for daily wear. All these items are handmade so the size and colour of the actual item you received could be slightly different.