Crystal Cloud - Howlite

Crystal Cloud - Howlite

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Crystal Cloud, 5x3x0.5cm, create good Feng Shui energy in the home.

Cloud shape crystals have varied healing functions, which can make one relaxed, bring peace and harmony, allow energy to flow through the heart, keep the thoughts positive to overcome difficulties and bring confidence.


This beautiful white howlite healing crystal can aid sleep by calming those racing thoughts.

It is known to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as reducing muscle tension and any muscular pain. 

It enhances character building, providing a strong sense of decency enabling negative emotions to be cleared, which will result in a calmer outlook in life 


CHAKRA - Crown


AFFIRMATION - I am calm and allow myself to experience a deep sleep


 Every crystal cloud carving is unique and hand-crafted. Carvings may slightly vary in size, colour, and shape.

WIDE USAGE - Our natural gemstone clouds are excellent for beading, jewellery making, DIY gifts, and home and wedding decoration.

HEALING CRYSTAL - The stones are great for healing and chakra balancing, positive energy, sleep and many more applications.

NATURAL CRYSTAL FOR STRONGER EFFECT - The stone is of sufficient vibrations to be used for rituals, yoga, meditation, and reiki healing.

Portable and lightweight, easy to carry — put them in a pocket, bag or purse.