Crystal Candle - Calm Affirmation

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Get yourself grounded with this Calm Affirmation Crystal Candle and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.

When stress or anxiety fills your body or your mind is spinning off in a thousand different directions, this candle can take one down to the ground and stabilise the senses, the mind and the thoughts.

This candle is made with fresh citrus, bergamot tea and cassis on a floral heart of jasmine and violet supported on a fond of musk, sandal and amber embedded with crystals that helps eliminate stress and anxiety.


💙 Calm Crystal Guide:

Amazonite: The shooting stone. Calms the brain and dispels negative energy. Amazonite helps with physical ailments, especially those that occurred as a manifestation of emotional trauma that was being carried in the body. If you are one who holds onto stress, it will work to filter out these frequencies so that they are not weighing you down as you go about your day.

Blue Lace Agate: Representing a calm and peaceful sky. This crystal brings a sense of peace and calm during times of stress. It is used as a means of healing and building strong emotional health in order to keep physical health in check. This crystal is linked to the heart chakra, which helps all of us open up our energy levels to giving and receiving unconditional love.

Amethyst: A natural tranquiliser. It relieves stress, and balances mood swings. It helps to manage fear, anger, and calm rage and anxiety. Amethyst is believed to have healing properties that protect the bearer against negative energies. It also brings clarity and peacefulness to the waking mind, as they help the mind flow freely in both the mental and metaphysical dimensions.

*Crystals can vary depending on availability.

• Individually hand poured in London by The Sun & My Soul founder Jutta

• Comes with 2 or 3 cleansed and charged crystals depending on the size you choose

• Labels are made from recycled paper

• Presented in a white box, perfect for gifting

• Ethically and sustainably created

• Naturally vegan & cruelty free

• No dyes, additives or parabens Available sizes:

•Size: 20cl Approx. burn time: 35 hours It comes with 2 crystals (amazonite, amethyst)

•Size: 30cl Approx. burn time: 45 hours It comes with 3 crystals (amazonite, blue agate, amethyst)


We recommend removing the crystals after the first burn. To remove, use a spoon to lift the crystals out carefully. Be careful if the wax is still hot not to burn yourself. Run the crystals under hot water until the rest of the wax is washed away.