Be Natural - Candles - Mediterranean Range

Be Natural - Candles - Mediterranean Range

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Stunning Mediterranean Summer Scents with cotton wick:

Murcia Lima

Cold pressed from fresh Murcia lime peels, the pure Murcia lime essential oil brings you this powerful fragrance oil at its most potent and most effective aroma. This fragrance throw really packs a punch and is very satisfying too.

Seville Lemon

A sweet yet very refreshing lemon fragrance using 100% cold pressed Seville lemons perfect for spring and summer and adding a real touch of Mediterranean Aromas.

Seville Orange

Cold pressed from the zesty peels of the small sweet orange of Seville. 100% pure orange sweet essential oil is used giving this candle a real burst of the Mediterranean. Making this candle one of our most citrus enhancing aromas.

* 220g Pure eco Soy wax
* Mediterranean range
* Hand made in the UK
* 35 hours approx burn time
* Vegan friendly & Cruelty free
* Plastic free
* Fully recycable
* Natural Cotton wick