Abalone Shell

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This is a medium Abalone Shell which is great for using to extinguish your sage smudge sticks in your smudging rituals.

Abalone are a variety of mollusc, comparable to clams and oysters. Its shells, from which the unique mother-of-pearl is formed, are often used in American indigenous ceremonies, as the fusion of sage and shell are thought to carry prayers up to the heavens.

Abalone shells carry protectional energies and bring with them emotional balance, generating a natural shielding to the user.  The abalone shell is believed to be spiritually cleansing, restoring harmony to your world with its healing vibrations.

Each shell has been polished and heat-sealed with a resin in order to protect its beautiful, natural colours.

These shells are approx 4 inches in size (9cm - 10cm).

Size and shape may vary slightly from the image shown.