Wiccan Spell Candle - Balance

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 Balance candle *spell card included*

A spell candle for balancing hormones and centering mood. Particularly helpful during periods of huge hormonal fluctuation such as menopause and puberty.

Imbued with essential oils of vanilla, lavender and clary sage for balance, lowering anxiety and improved mental function. Forget-me-not and rose bring joy and hormonal harmony.

The flourite crystal encourages positivity, balances energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.

Colour – Lilac
Essential oils – Vanilla, lavender and clary sage
Herbs/flowers/spices – Thyme, lavender, forget-me-not and rose
Crystals – flourite


These beautiful handmade Waxywiccan spell candles come in a 250ml tin and burn for approximately 30-40 hours. Each one is unique and handmade with vegan-friendly, cruelty-free soy wax, crackling wooden wicks, 100% essential oils, home dried herbs, and blessed and purified crystals.

Each candle is handmade to order therefore will be slightly different every time. Just know that they are poured and made with love.

Blessings on you. So, mote it be.