Teardrop Pendant - Blue Goldstone

Teardrop Pendant - Blue Goldstone

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This teardrop pendant is lovely and contains the healing crystal Blue Goldstone. This beautiful design is simple and hangs beautifully around the neck. The teardrop is smooth and sleek in its shape and appearance.

The Blue Goldstone Healing Crystal is associated with the throat chakra. Harnessing the properties of copper, Goldstone has the effect of boosting life-force and promoting vitality.

It is said to aid significantly in increasing the strength of circulation in the body, ensuring bone density and reducing arthritic inflammation as well as reducing stomach pains or grumbling experienced from anxiety

CHAKRA:  Throat


HEALING PROPERTIES:  A stone associated with success and abundance in all areas of life.  Excellent for improving creativity and imagination.  Working consistently with this stone can help reach for the stars and have the courage and confidence to achieve all your dreams and desires

The chain is silver plated and approximately 46cm long. The teardrop itself is approx 35mm in size. Sizes and shape of the crystal may vary from the picture shown.