Orgonite Obelisk Tower - Rose Quartz

Orgonite Obelisk Tower - Rose Quartz

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With silver copper on the tip of the tower, Orgone obelisks are a self-driven, exceptionally effective energy transmutation device that attracts negative energy and turns it into positive energy.

CHAKRA - Heart 


HEALING PROPERTIES - Opens the heart to promote ove of oneself and others.  Promotes healthy and harmonious relationships of all kinds and can be an effective stone for attracting new love.  Strengthens qualities of patience and sensuality and aids the acceptance of necessary change.

AFFIRMATION - I radiate love, beauty, confidence and grace


Toxic energy moves through the Orgonite towers, creating electromagnetic friction resulting from the mixture of metal and crystal in the resin.

Orgonite towers do not eliminate electromagnetic energy; instead, they reorganize the pattern of the energy to one that is harmonized with the human body.