Intense Protection Day Moisturiser SPF50+

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Shield & Hydrate the Skin

The Intense Protection Day Moisturiser SPF50+ has been formulated to gently hydrate and provide a protection barrier from environmental pollutants and sun exposure.  Containing ingredients that offer protection against the suns'harmful UVA/UVB rays.

  • Sunscreen Ingredients - The combination of both physical and chemical sunscreen ingredients such as benzo 3 and titanium dioxide absorbs the harmful UVA and UVB rays providing a broad spectrum of sun protection for all skin types
  • Plant-derived Collagen - A nourishing high-grade ingredient that plumps, firms and hydrates the skin leaving it feeling soft, supple and firm
  • Hyaluronic Acid - One of the best anti-ageing ingredients on the market, hyaluronic acid is capable of holding 1000 times its own weight in water, therefore delivering intense moisture to the skin.  It is naturally occurring in the skin but depletes over time making the skin dry and dehydrated.  By giving the skin a boost of hyaluronic acid., it becomes smoother, plumper and intensely hydrated
  • Coral Seaweed - Rich in amino acids, calcium and magnesium, coral seaweed will reinvigorate your skin.  Helping rebuild damaged skin amino acids will re-texture and firm while calcium and magnesium will brighten and soften
  • Fresh Royal Jelly - Rich in amino acids that help fight free radical damage and natural enzymes that protect balance and invigorate the skin
  • Aloe Vera - One of the most common ingredients used in skincare because of its healing properties.  It will hydrate , heal and calm the skin leaving it soft and supple
  • Panthenol Vitamin B5 - Soothes, softens and hydrates skin.  It helps to protect against free radical damage and regenerates the skin giving a more youthful complexion

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