Forbes Feet Hydrating Foot Cream 100ml

Forbes Feet Hydrating Foot Cream 100ml

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Delivering amazing hydration results for unloved feet, the light texture of the Hydrating Foot Cream means that it’s readily absorbed and acts fast.

Essential oils such as lemon, lavender and orange combine with coconut oil and papaya enzyme to make this cream feel and smell blissful. The FORBES FEET Hydrating Foot Cream contains the GOLD STANDARD ingredient, urea. Its non-greasy and easily absorbed which effectively replenishes rough, dry skin revealing softer, smoother feet. This, in turn, accelerates the regeneration of damaged and desiccated skin cells.

Apply after washing the feet to:

  • Saturate dry, hard skin
  • Banish cracked heels
  • Soften thickened skin
  • Relieve sore, infected skin
  • Tackle discoloured nails

Claire says:
“Many of us suffer from hard skin on our feet, often caused by kicking around in sandals through the summer, slopping around bare foot at home or perhaps stepping in and out of swimming pools.

“This unique blend will promote rapid skin renewal so your feet feel soft, supple and sexy again.”

How to use:

  • Wash feet carefully using the Forbes Feet Hygiene Foot Wash.
  • Warm a small amount of the cream between the palms of the hands.
  • Work it around the heels, over the forefoot and finish by blotting away any excess.

Tip – Apply this cream at night so it can get to work uninterrupted by life’s journeys.