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 This luxurious, silky, baked mineral powder creates a sheer, weightless veil on your skin giving a luminous and radiant finish.

Shaped by hand, the foundation is slowly baked and rises to achieve an airy texture that perfectly adheres and blends to your complexion.

The fine powder remains lightweight with a breathable feel, comfortable on the skin.

Boron Nitrate - Lubricates and helps mask the appearance of fine lines

Dimethicone - Emollient that provides glide

Mica -  A mineral with light reflecting qualities

Kaolin Clay - Offers coverage and a creamy texture

Jojoba - Skin nourishing

Vitamin E - Antioxidant protection

Coconut Oil - Hydrating and anti-bacterial

Apply in a swirling motion to ensure even coverage.  Buffing into the skin helps to bring your natural oils to the surface to set the mineral to a flawless finish.

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