Dream Catchers - Capiz 12cm

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Capiz Dream Catcher is a spiritual tool to help assure pleasant dreams to those who sleep under it.

This handcrafted dream catcher, enhanced with beautiful beadwork, features a 12 cm ring hand wrapped in suede cord, followed by four smaller rings.

Only good dreams can pass through while bad dreams are caught in the webbing and destroyed by the first rays of the morning light.

WONDERFUL TRADITION - Symbolize the yearning for a better life. It is intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams.

GOOD DREAMS - Let you sleep with sweet dreams every night. It brings love, light and positive energy. HANDMADE ORNAMENT - Every item is handmade in ethical condition and harmony with nature, weaved with traditional manual techniques.

BEAUTIFUL ART - For the home, or office, you can even use it as a wedding and party decoration.

GREAT GIFT CHOICE - It represents a blessing, pray for peace and good luck. An ideal gift for someone undergoing a nightmare and suffering.