Crystals - Tower - Labradorite

Crystals - Tower - Labradorite

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Bring positive vibes and a sense of balance to any space with our beautiful Labradorite crystal tower.

Experience the transformative power of crystal energy as it purifies, clears, and cleanses the energy in your room. 



HEALING PROPERTIES - A stone of self-transformation, making it beneficial to work with during life transitions.  It is a powerful companion when performing magical or ritual work as it enhances psychic abilities and brings deep awareness of our spiritual knowledge.

AFFIRMATION - I welcome change and transformation into my life.


Price is per piece, you will receive 1 x Labradorite Tower similar as pictured.

Average Size: 15 cm , each piece will be slightly different

Labradorite Prisms as standard have little to no flash, we will ensure any Prism purchased does have a nice visable flash somewhere on the crystal