Crystals - Sphere - Moss Agate

Crystals - Sphere - Moss Agate

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The shape of a sphere brings forth the energy of harmony and unity. It represents wholeness and the earth, allowing us to connect with the world around us. 

The feeling of a crystal sphere in your hands brings a sense of peace and tranquillity.

Crystal Spheres can be used for several reasons; including: Meditation, Feng Shui, Scrying, and Charka Healing.


CHAKRAS - Heart, Root


HEALING PROPERTIES - A stone of stability, making it effective for those who experience frequent mood swings.  Believed to help correct imbalances between the left and right side of the brain.  Has strong grounding energies due to its deep connection to Earth.

It helps to refresh the soul and enables one to see the inner beauty. Particularly useful for those that work close to nature.

AFFIRMATION - I draw upon the energy of Mother Earth to heal


  • Physical healing
    Helps alleviate stress and anxiety, improves digestion and circulation, boosts the immune system, and has a soothing effect on the eyes
  • Spiritual properties
    Promotes grounding, stability, and balance, helps improve focus and concentration, and helps you feel connected to the world
  • Emotional healing
    Balances moods, enhances self-esteem, and fosters emotional stability
  • Other properties
    Enhances creativity and intuition, and is sometimes called the "midwife's stone" because it may reduce birth pains and help you stay calm during a delivery