Crystals - Polished Tumble Stones - Pink Agate

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Agate is known to stabilize the aura eliminating negative energy.  The crystal is known to help overcome negativity and any bitterness or trauma you may be experiencing. 

Physical Healing - strengthens the immune system, helps in healing the liver & pancreas, improves concentration

Emotional Healing - heals emotional disease, transforms negativity, relieves distress, soothes anger, boosts confidence, promotes unconditional love

Spiritual Properties - strengthens the bond between parent & child, balances yin & yang energies, brings calmness

The size and shape of the crystal you receive may differ slightly from the image shown.

Each stone weighs approximately 5-15g.

Also available in black braided cord necklace with lobster clasp,  40-45cm   approx 2mm in width.