Crystals - Polished Tumble Stones - Dumortierite

Crystals - Polished Tumble Stones - Dumortierite

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Dumortierite Healing Crystals are known as "The stone of Patience". It is a powerful healing gemstone and is associated with the third eye chakra. A light or dark blue colour, this stone has a waxy texture and has the ability to enhance brain power and especially good at mathematical or language based enhancement.

If you are prone to angry outbursts, this stone is also great as it helps you to think things through, providing consideration before you speak.

It is said to enhance memory and mental clarity and aids self-reliance, discipline and patience.

A high vibrational stone, it opens the higher mind and can help open and enhance intuitive and psychic abilities.

ZODIAC - Gemini

CHAKRA - Third Eye