Crystals - Keyring - Tree of Life - Amethyst

Crystals - Keyring - Tree of Life - Amethyst

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These handmade keychains are made of gemstones, wrapped as a tree — wires as the branches, stones as the leaves.

It symbolizes the interconnection of life and the flow of creation.

It will infuse abundance and prosperity into your life - influence the senses, balance the body, mind and soul, bring about an opportunity for change, serenity, and clarity and help increase the ability of concentration and awareness.

CHAKRAS - Third Eye, Crown


HEALING PROPERTIES - A protective stone that guards one from negative energy and psychic attacks.  Accelerates the development of psychic abilities and intuition.  Effective in overcoming addictions and compulsive behaviours, bringing self-awareness and healing.

AFFIRMATION - I trust my intuition and allow it to guide me each day


Attach to keys, backpack, tote bags and other portable items.