Crystals - Keyring - Green Aventurine

Crystals - Keyring - Green Aventurine

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Crystal heart keychain, 10x3cm.

These handmade keychains are made of heart-shaped gemstones. Crystals formed into the shapes of a heart help to activate the heart chakra and emanate good vibrations. The 4th chakra meanings relate to the feelings of compassion, peace and unconditional love.


CHAKRA - Heart

ELEMENTS - Earth, Water

HEALING PROPERTIES - Helps to rapidly manifest prosperity, abundance and career success.  Beneficial stone for those in leadership positions as it promotes qualities of authenticity, confidence and decisiveness.  Heals painful emotions, particularly those experienced during childhood.

AFFIRMATION - I am worthy of everything I desire in life


These heart-shaped healing gemstones have varied healing functions, which can make you relaxed, bring peace and harmony, allow energy to flow through the heart, keep your thoughts positive to overcome difficulties and bring confidence.

Attach to keys, backpack, tote bags and other portable items.