Crystal Sphere Ball - Unakite

Crystal Sphere Ball - Unakite

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CHAKRA - Heart


HEALING PROPERTIES - Has a gentle energy that promotes feelings of gratitude, helping to see the beauty in life.  Works to remove obstacles to personal growth, especially releasing any emotional pain.  Clears blockages within the heart chakra and calms the nervous system.

AFFIRMATION - I accept myself just the way I am in this present moment.


The Crystal Sphere Ball is 2cm, fitting perfectly in your hands, making it great for meditation, massage, self-reflection, or as a good luck charm.

It is also a perfect decor — experience the magic and natural beauty of this natural polished crystal ball in your home. The alluring conversation piece is thought to bring harmony and balance into your life.

Popular for scrying and visual meditation, allows you to gaze into the past, present, and future.

According to the Feng Shui belief, crystal balls not only attract positive energy to a room but also stimulate existing energy.

CRYSTAL GEMSTONE BALL - Spheres send energy in all directions. They are excellent for holding during meditation.

CHAKRA HOME DECORATION - Useful for positive energy, healing, meditation, peace of mind, Chakra balancing and concentration.