Crystal Spell Jar

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To activate the spell, just hold it, infuse it with your own energy, and chant your desired outcome. See your intention every time you use the jar to enhance its power.

Once it is activated it is important that you are the only one who possess it. Use however you like, it's perfect to simply place on your altar or carry on your person/in your purse to bring more abundance into your life.


Increase your luck and good fortune with this abundance spell jar.

Contains - Basil, tigers eye, green adventurine

Anti Anxiety

This jar contains herbs, flowers and amethyst chips which promote calmness and relaxation. This spell jar was created with intent.

Contains- Lavender, yarrow and amethyst chips


This confidence spell jar is made with a variety of herbs, oils, spices and crystals that all have confidence boosting properties.

Contains - lavender, carnelian and citrine.


We all need some happiness in this world, and this little jar of special herbs and spices will help bring some happiness in you or your families lives.

Contains - chrysanthemum, chamomile and citrine


The spell jar can be placed anywhere in your home and is ideal to have around at the start of a new relationship, if you're looking for a new love, or to reignite a bond that may have gone a bit stale. Allow the loving energy of Venus to work her magic on your life! 

Contains - Pink Heather, rose petals and rose quartz

New Beginnings

This New Beginnings jar will allow you to make decisions with a clearer thought process.

Contains - Yarrow, daisy and clear quartz. 


Protection Jars are perfect for giving yourself some protection against negativity energies and intentions. 

Contains - Black Tourmaline, Nettle Root, Nettle Leaf