Crystal Arrowhead - Black Obsidian

Crystal Arrowhead - Black Obsidian

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Made of natural stones, 3-4cm.

These are modern, handmade arrowheads, shaped as the Native American talisman for power and protection. They were mostly used for hunting and wars. Today these wonderful handmade replicas make wonderful DIY jewellery and are also used for decoration or meditation.


ELEMENTS - Earth, Fire

HEALING PROPERTIES - A very powerful protection stone that brings great mental strength.  forms a shield around one's aura protecting from negative energy and influences.  Aids the release of addictive behavious and dissolves emotional blockages.

AFFIRMATION - I release negative energy within and around me.

Can have sharp edges so handle it carefully.

ARROWHEADS - These arrowheads make great grounding stones and are believed to protect against harm.

DEEPER MAGIC - Naturally forming stones, have the ability to ward off bad luck, evil spells, and misfortune in every aspect of one's life.

POWERFUL PIECE - Can be used for meditation, healing, reiki, or as an altarpiece. Protect the user and convert negative to positive energy.