Chakra Crystal Suncatcher

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Crystal Suncatcher, about 25cm. Perfect for hanging indoors or outdoors.

A Suncatcher is a talisman for the warmth and positive energy of sunlight.  It reflects the light when placed in a sunny area, the colours are amazing and catch the sun beautifully.

Add a little happiness to your life!

CENTRES OF ENERGY - Each of the 7 chakras represents physical, emotional or mental state. Help to enrich one's spirit and wellbeing.

HEALING - Chakra stones are used to balance the chakras and to enhance chakra healing. It is also said to improve people luck.

THE MOST ELEGANT DECORATION - For any occasions. It creates beautiful reflections when the sunlight or any other kind of light hits it.

GIFT-GIVING - Our suncatcher is a great choice when picking a gift for individuals who love shiny things on a special day.