Amor Sui - Rose Quartz - Rose Water

Amor Sui - Rose Quartz - Rose Water

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Rose Water (Hydrosol)  with Rose Quartz Crystals to purify the skin and energy.

Hydrate and cool the skin whenever you need it, this mist can be used morning and night when cleansing or spritzed throughout the day on face and body. Made from the steam distillation process of the production of Rose essential oil making it an 100% natural option for beauty and more.


Spritz on face and body to cleanse energy.

Use on a cottom pad as a toner or cleanser, keep in the fridge and use as a cooling spritz, or spray on linen for a relaxing Rose scent and cleansed space for mediataion or sleep.

Benefits Include:

  • Stimulating the flow in the blood vessels under the skin
  • Anti-aging
  • Scars
  • Thread veins
  • Minor infections
  • Sunburn
  • Natural mild antiseptic